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Here it is


I didn’t preach on Sunday and took the opportunity to sneak away and grab a side-shot.  I think we’ll end up keeping the set-up this way rather than deep and long.  I reckon we’ll be able to take at least one of the pillars out as well and hold the ceiling beams up with a few heavy-duty beams.  Today, we ordered a chimney for the fireplace we have.  Our ladies will really appreciate it when we can get that going! 

The electricity is back on in the ladies rehab centre and we are so thankful to the Lord that this little adventure is over.  Pasha drove into our regional electricity offices this morning and very politely informed them that they were wrong about us reconnecting the wires without permission.  He also informed them that the law states that they may not disconnect anyone’s electricity on a week-end.  After some umm-ing and ahh-ing, they said that they wouldn’t fine us, but to get the wires connected we would need to pay a US$30 connection fee.  It really went against the grain to agree to it, but it went more against the grain to go through the rigmarole of going back and forth to court over the matter over several months with no electricity in the ladies centre!  We thanked the Lord for a quick resolution!

Pris got her wisdom tooth pulled today.  It was a bit dicey, as last time she had this process done, she had some nasty complications.  So we were more in prayer about it this time.  After two hours and a hundred dollars later, she was on her way, grateful for a pretty smooth experience.  We are hoping this will solve some of the problems she’s been experiencing with head-aches/jaw-aches.

Today, I met with two of the five people getting baptized on Sunday.  I wouldn’t say that the actual baptism is more encouraging than the way God has changed their hearts, but it’s nice hearing their stories.  Today, “Michaelovich” told of the hopelessness he felt when in the hospital after getting beaten up real bad.  He called his estranged family to visit and say goodbye to him as he was sure he was going to die.  His wife left him about $20 for medicines.  When she left, he staggered off to buy drugs and to his disgust, got high one more time.  He survived and came down to us about 18 months ago, I think.  I picked him up in the town and drove him out to Ulyaniki.  On the way, I remember thinking, “He’ll wash out pretty quickly.  He’s so egotistical.”  He tells of waking up one night soon after he came and feeling so filthy.  He knelt next to his bed and prayed for forgiveness of His sin, believed in Jesus and told God that he wanted to live for Him… and immediately noticed that he felt a strange peace.  He’s been growing in the Lord ever since.  May he always remain strong!